Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Feedback, 13 More States and the Capital

Hello everyone,
How are you? I just got back from giving away paintings in Mississippi, Arkansas and Alabama. Here are some of the painting feedback that I received:
Awesome feedback from a painting recipient in Mississippi: We found this one. My husband is going to frame it and bring it to his office at Gulf Coast Mental Health. He wants to retell the story and improve peoples lives. Hopefully it will show them that even strangers care. Suzi
A wonderful message from a Eudora, Arkansas painting recipient: Bren, the Eudora City Hall thanks you for your painting, you are to be commended for your dedication of this wonderful Smiley B project. I am employed by the City of Eudora, Mayor's worker "B". Mary
A very nice message from an Orange Beach, Alabama painting recipient: I found this one!!! I love it sooooo much! I would like to place it in our trauma room in Orange Beach along with a little write up about Bren and Smiley B. I know it will help take away the anxiety and pain which our patients sometime unfortunately experience. What a wonderful gift, thank you, Gina
Starting this Friday, July 19th, I will give away paintings in the following states:
1. Colorado  (July 24th)
2. Delaware (July 19th)
3. Idaho  (July 26th)
4. Kansas  (July 23rd)
5. Kentucky  (July 22nd)
6. Maryland  (July 20th)
7. Nebraska  (July 24th)
8. New Mexico (TBA)
9. Oklahoma (TBA)
10. Pennsylvania (July 19th)
11. Virginia  (July 20th)
12. West Virginia  (July 21st)
13. Wyoming  (July 25th)

And yes, Washington, D.C. too  (July 20th)!
You can see photos and updates of my trip via my Facebook page >>>
Many thanks again and enjoy the summer!
P.S. Free paintings in all 50 states by the end of the summer! 

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

D.C. and New Characters

I had a super busy 4th of July weekend. I painted close to 200 paintings for my big cross country free painting giveaway trip. They are all new characters and I will now give paintings in D.C. as well (315 free paintings for my Kickstarter project). Originally, it was only going to be 300. I also had some time to just relax and read between all of that painting :)

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

AR, MS, AL and Possibly OK

Just got back from an awesome Midwestern trip! I gave away 60 paintings in 4 states (ND, SD, IA and MN) in 4 days! Next stop, AR, MS, AL and possibly... OK as well.

Below is an updated map, the green states are the ones where paintings have been given away. 16 more states to go. And here's a photo of me last weekend at the Franconia Sculpture Park in Minnesota.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa and Minnesota

I start my cross country free painting give away tomorrow to these following states: North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa and Minnesota. I am so excited!

I am also really happy to meet my painting reward delivery on time, June 2013! Almost everyone had either picked up or had received their reward by mail. I only have three more pickups left and I have one to donate.

Here are photos of happy Kickstarter backers with their painting rewards.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Painting Rewards

The Kickstarter painting rewards are being picked up by the backers. Thanks again everyone!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Painting at a Barn in Maine

I spent Memorial Day weekend painting at a barn in Maine. These paintings will go to North Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa and South Dakota next month (destinations may change).

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Busy Painting the Kickstarter Reweards

Been busy painting the Kickstarter rewards. These 11x14 happy U.S. map paintings are for folks who donate in the $95 range.